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Icon representing Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

by Anonymous on May 20th 2015 14:52


‘Enable transparency in organizations to develop business agility and support sustainable performance'


Avilyz wants to help organizations to enhance their learning and communication ability in order to become more adaptive to change and to enable sustainable business performance.

We want to do that with organizations that want to be better, who are driven by challenging themselves and their environment; and who want to improve their added value.

In order to do so we use innovative tooling in combination with freethinking entrepreneurial people that have a drive to improve themselves and others.


Challenging the Status Quo
We want to be knights of turbulence. When matters are dynamic as they are in our society we are the ones striving to address questions from different angles and regard solutions with an open mind.

This business was founded because we love to challenge and improve other organizations and to provide tools to do so. We use our conscience, ratio and intuition, to come up with the best solutions for the client, society and our own wellbeing. 

We strive for sustainable performance. That is continuous performance by organizations that can adapt to and flourish in their environment. But we also practice what we preach in the green way by making careful use of resources.

We value transparency because it helps building a culture of sharing and creativity. Being transparent in communication and expectations helps people to focus on matters that are really important for themselves and the organization.

No man is an island and in modern day society no organization is either. Both organizations and people can excel when they focus on their own strengths and to find the right partners who help them in other fields thereby adding value for all parties.




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